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Meet Naomi

Naomi Bareket believes that as a G-D's created, you have an inner spark that is longing to light the world with. She loves to help people breakthrough their deeper fears so they can thrive and positively influence other people too. She is a personal growth coach . She is also a well respected speaker. She is NLP Trainer and has MBA. For these results, clients named her the best transformer coach.  Her clients say she is "an Influential Leader in Personal Growth and Achievement.”

An author, Naomi’s books include The Deep SEE, See into Your Soul and Find Your Inner Spark. She is the star and executive producer of the self-help NeuroSUCCESSology series. She is highly requested motivational speakers in the world and her live seminar events continue to sell out to audiences from around the world. her full story here.

Madlen Saddik, Business Development Director, San Mateo, Chamber of Commerce

“Thank you for an amazing presentation; on behalf of San Mateo chamber of commerce we appreciate your support to our business community. You have delivered an outstanding presentation with great valuable tips that our attendees are able to apply to their personal and professional lives, you were very instrumental to us.”

Do you find yourself constantly procrastinating?

And then you are upset at yourself, feel self-disappointment, find yourself losing opportunities and money because of it?!  At the following videos, I share with you 7 great tips on how to overcome your procrastination. To get a free access to the videos, please put your email below

Kaustav Chaudhuri, Founder - Pitch Globally - bringing together Entrepreneurs, VCs & Mentors

“I’m at the end of this AMAZING event in this IDYLLIC RETREAT. You know you can read books and you can learn things, but what the VISCERAL effect Naomi brings in to your experience will enable you to UNBLOCK YOUR ENERGY and get to the next level of EXCELLENCE. I encourage all of you to part take in this UNIQUE experience.”

PROGRAMS with Naomi Bareket

Overcome Your Fears, Limiting beliefs & Habits

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Reach Your Goals & Leverage Your Business

A step by step walk through the Achievement Pyramid. Successful people make decisions today that will influence their...

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Achieve a Mindset of a Champion

Be the best, separate yourself from the rest. Quickly and seamlessly leverage your performance to a higher level. con...

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BOOK by Naomi Bareket

The Deep SEE

SEE into your SOUL and FIND your INNER SPARK

"The Deep See is a thought provoking lesson in how to learn about your purpose, passion, and your unique self. I felt the spark of motivation, and belief in myself so much that I am buying it for my friends." Carol Krieger, Buyer on Amazon.

Naomi believes that the ultimate happiness occurs when you are in alignment with your life’s true purpose and find your inner spark which lights up your soul. The DEEP SEE helps overcome fears, habits and other baggage holding you back from getting the results you seek. It helps people find their inner spark and personal motivators and identify any road blocks that stand in their way. It provides very easy tools to apply for uplifting your soul and thrive.



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